Aspartame Testimonials

Aspartame disease

The following is a collection of E-mails from people who have used aspartame, many in the form of diet sodas.  They have had experienced wide ranging health problems and found that the best method of recovery was to give up aspartame.   Perhaps all these recoveries are psychosomatic in nature.    The reader will have to decide for themselves.    

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# 1  

Welcome all, here is my story to share with those interested.
My name is Sean Houlihan and I am 36 years old now.  As a  17 year old
weight conscious teen began drinking a six-pack of diet coke per day
About 4 months later developed "dizzy spells" . They progressed to
seizures that I had for 16 years. In 1986, as my seizures started I
brought it up to my doc's that could it be the diet coke?   They
dismissed it.  I had severe anxiety, seizures, depression, and later
manic depression.  I had a right temporal lobectomy (brain surgery in
1997 for my seizures).  I was appointed to the Board of Directors at
the Epilepsy Foundation of MA, and spent 2 years on the board.  About 1
year ago I figured it out. My brain surgeon now agrees that it was Diet
Coke.  He says that they didn't even know in 97 about aspartame (at
the time of my brain surgery) but now they do.  All my brain studies in
the hospital (about 2 months worth, sleep eeg's, MRI's, surgery, I
was having nurses bring me 4 -5 diet cokes per day.
My story, is sadly repeated accross the country. Identical stories,
people put on the same seizure medication I was on for 14 years.
I was one of those people who drank diet coke all day and night for 15
years, 15 ruined years of my life
I have documentation from my surgeon who now agrees with me.
By the way, I'm not a quack either, I'm a successful business
person who owns,,,
and Dallas, NYC, etc..
I regularly threaten Coke, with emails, and voice mails to the head
nutritionist at corporate that when I get funded for my business, and
my dating sites become the hottest sites in the country, and on MVT,
Reality TV, etc.. my story is all over my sites.
Feel free to pass this along, post it, etc..
Sean C. Houlihan

# 2
Dear Kathy and Margaret,
I would like to share my daughter’s reaction to NutraSweet with you.

More than 20 years ago, when my daughter was in her early 20’s and studying for
a Master’s Degree,
she noticed that she was experiencing bizarre symptoms that were quite
alarming .

This truly bright girl – (whose college tuition was entirely funded by
scholarships and who won a Telluride Association Scholarship in competition
with more than one million students from the entire US) –realized that she
was becoming very confused. She would go to a grocery store and couldn’t
remember why she was there. She would be driving her car and couldn’t
remember how to get home. She had déjà vu experiences.

And she got much worse. In addition to her drastic personality change and
intellectual deterioration,

she had epileptic-type seizures,
she began to lose her vision in both eyes
she had severe headaches and trouble forming words, panic attacks, a
rapid heart rate, tremors, tingling and numbness of the extremities,
profound exhaustion and severe drowsiness, insomnia, suicidal thoughts
and numerous other problems including a very short temper, gastrointestinal
problems, and joint pains.

Her marriage ended and she lost her job.

She consulted a neurologist, and he told her that she had temporal lobe
He began treating her with medication, but the medication didn’t work,
because the doctor was wrong in his diagnosis and he was treating her for a
condition she didn’t have! What she really had was ASPARTAME

I had heard about Dr. H. J. Roberts (Florida), so I contacted him and he
confirmed what I suspected – that she was suffering from a reaction to the
artificial sweetener in diet soda. My daughter owes her life to Dr.
Roberts, because thanks to him, she stopped drinking diet soda, and
gradually, every one of her problems disappeared. Today, she is a
successful computer programmer and financial analyst.
It took a year or more for all her symptoms to vanish.  She got better slowly with bad days thrown in.

To follow up, we took her to Boston for special studies on her brain, and
the doctors confirmed that it was the NutraSweet that had made her so sick.
They said that she had been totally misdiagnosed by the neurologist and that
she did not have temporal lobe epilepsy at all. ( These men were in the
Clinical Research Center at the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology. ). We also took her to a highly-respected ophthalmologist who
explained why her vision loss was due to aspartame.

She was fine for 12 years. Then, she began
drinking diet soda again and had the same severe reaction. Luckily, we
realized what was happening to her and were able to convince her to stop
using NutraSweet. Why did she start again? It’s addictive!

Many other members of our family also have noticed a reaction to NutraSweet.
I get severe classic migraines from diet soda – my son, who is a physician and pharmacist,
can’t see to drive if he drinks diet soda – another young man in the family,
a lawyer, had double vision. His ophthalmologist thought he had a brain
tumor, but all the tests were negative. He stopped drinking diet soda, and
within 3 months, the double vision was gone. My sister-in-law acted like a
“raving maniac” when she drank diet soda.

And, by talking to others in my community for 20+ years, I have learned that
reactions to NutraSweet are quite common.

Unfortunately, most physicians are clueless when it comes to connecting the
many symptoms of NutraSweet poisoning/toxicity with the consumption of what
is supposedly a safe substance.

By approving NutraSweet, the FDA caused many problems for many innocent

Barbara Metzler, New Jersey

Letters below are from the following source:

# 3

I too have fallen a victim to this toxic drug. It almost ruined my life and career. Thank you for putting this information out there. I was almost disabled from pain in my extremeties so severe I wanted to amputate my legs to get rid of it. Thank God I found a Dr. who gave me an article on aspartame side effects. My life changed after removing it from my diet.

# 4

I was using Crystal Light for a month. I had really fast palpitations to my heart. I thought I was going to die sometimes. I would forget to turn off the stove and I burnt up my food. My body would shake and my mouth would dry up a lot. I was also getting constipated. Look, I stopped it and I'm feeling better. I found out about the Aspartame through another teacher and I read up on it after I found out it was a poison for people.

Thank You for your time to care, too!

# 5

I wish I had all day to tell you all about aspartame. That stuff was killing me; actually it gave me all the symptoms of M.S. Who needs that? When my husband found out about that stuff he told me about it and I got off it right away. It took me about 2 months to dexox completely and get part of my life back. I stayed with a lot of problems but I have learned to cope. At least its not getting worse. Thank God for my husband. Judy

# 6

Hi Mark,

I saw your email asking if anything is safe. I know the answer so thought it was important to share. I have known Aspartame is a poision for 21 years. It gives me terrible migraines that send me to the hospital so I avoid it like the plague for the last 21 yrs. It hasn’t been easy reading every single label of everything I consume for over two decades.

Stevia or xylitol, natural sugars are safe. Last year, the FDA in the US finally(!) approved stevia to be used in food products or it can be purchased at a health/natural food store but it is bitter if you use a lot, a little goes a long way. It’s been used in Japan for many, many years (decades I think). Finally some of our food products will have stevia instead of aspartame. I just drank orange juice with stevia by a well known brand this weekend. Finally people are becoming aware. For about 18 years doctors told me I was crazy (literally some used the term crazy) to think Aspartame was the cause of my migraines.

If you are not diabetic, natural raw brown sugar is the best if you must have sugar. Corn syrup in all juices and drinks is terrible too.

Hope this helps.

# 7

In an effort to lose weight after having my first child, I introduced diet products into my system for the first time: diet soda, sugarless gum, diet tonic, cereal, etc. A few months later I began falling apart. 30% lose of hearing in one ear, blurred vision in one eye, tremors in one arm/hand, terrible vertigo, sleepy all the time, etc. Drs thought maybe it was MS, had a brain MRI and many other tests. No dr could identify the problem. Then, someone asked if I drink diet soda or chew gum. Yes, it was all because of aspartame. Once I stopped, the probelms slowly disappeared. This is a serious issue that needs to be resolved. If I can do anything to help others, someone please let me know what I can do.

# 8

In the last six months I have been tested for MS, Parkinson's, pituitary tumor, adrenal gland tumor and lupus. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, asthma, low vitamin A and low cortisol levels and wildly fluctuating thyroid. I was so out of it I could not even care for my dog, my daughter had to take him. I had such sever lymphademia my feet went from a size 5 1/2 AA to a 7 w. I was so swollen I could not bend my arms or legs, there was so much swelling in my torso it was interfering with my breathing. I finally realized my symptoms reflected dehydration and quit drinking diet cokes and only drinking water and Gatorade. I started feeling great but still thought it was just dehydration and would have an occasional diet coke. Finally after having several relapses of illness, I started looking at what I had consumed the day before and it always went back to days when I drank coke. This stuff is poison and I thank my lucky stars I am alive today.

# 9

just had brain surgery in oct.09 doc. says it's been there for at least twenty years.have drank nothing but diet Coke in large amounts weekly. they could only get a part of it out. had a stroke then found tumor, I know for a fact it's the aspertame and the more research I do the madder I get. Put me on your list of ralliers.feel free to e-mail me, I'm fired up about this!

# 10

It took me along time to find out why i was so sick all the time.It was ASPARTAME.Aspartame almosted killed me.


# 11

I had severe diarrhea for 2 years with disgusting involuntary clear mucus discharges at embarrasing moments. I saw many doctors and specialists who could offer no cure but instead suggested that I may be allergic to fat or lactose intolerant. I enjoy drinking milk and eating fatty foods and had never had a problem- I was around 40 years old at the time- so I did not believe that those were the problems. I finally decided to stop drinking Diet Coke which at that time had recently switched from using saccharine sweetner to aspartame. Aspartame tasted better and I was happy for the change. After stopping the Diet Coke, my symptoms went away and I have no doubt that it was the aspartame because I started drinking regular Coke and did not have the same problems. I had 2 years of suffering from aspartame-induced diarrhea. Please don't tell ME that there is nothing unsafe with aspartame or that this is just a crazed conspiracy theory. I am 58 now and have not had any recurring symptoms and drink Coke and Pepsi regularly.

# 12

I am writing to tell you about a recent experience I had with a common substance found in thousands of consumable items world-wide. I am not writing to stir up attention for myself, but rather to promote awareness so others might avoid the turmoil which I have been going through in the past 14 months.

About 14 months ago I started getting really sick. It began with being constantly dizzy and having a ringing in my ears. Of course I went to my doctor and an ENT and they said this would go away and it was simply fluid in my ears. In the following few months I began to feel extremely fatigued and flu-like. This seemed odd to me because I was a healthy and active 27 year old woman with no health issues. Again, I went to my doctor and I was told it was simply a “viral infection.”

This fatigue and dizziness quickly started to spawn out into a multitude of other symptoms including abdominal pain, headaches, tingling in my fingers and toes, muscle twitches, chronic muscle/nerve pain and insomnia. I went to several different doctors wanting second opinions. They tested me for things like MS, Lupus, Lymes Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Finally, I was sent to a specialist and diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

I was not convinced of that diagnosis being it seemed to come on so suddenly and out of the blue so I continued to search for answers. Over the next several months I would see more doctors and specialist yet find no answers. It felt like poison was flowing through my body. I thought my life was over and the vibrant, energetic woman was gone forever. My condition was so bad that I was forced to go on a medical leave from my place of employment while I got my health taken care of. Simply getting out of bed was a huge challenge for me.

Finally I demanded a referral to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. While being treated at Mayo I went through about 30 different tests and procedures again looking for serious conditions such as MS, Lupus, other autoimmune disorders and GI disorders. I also had several MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, endoscopy, colonoscopy and bone scans. The medical bills continue to mount up. Finally, the last doctor I would visit was a GI specialist. We talked about a few things and she really wasn’t sure what the issue was either. She did mention something about if I chewed gum or drank diet sodas. I told her I chewed some gum but I blew off that as the cause of any issues.

Over the next few days I was thinking again on her odd question about gum and pop. I thought to myself why would she ask that question? Is there something in gum and pop that would cause such things? I looked at the nutritional information on the pack of gum and it contained something called “aspartame.” In this great age of the internet I did some quick research and was astounded at the debilitating effects aspartame can have on someone’s body and mind. Yet, I wasn’t convinced that my gum could be practically killing me.

After some careful thought I decided I would remove all aspartame from my diet just for a few weeks and see what, if anything, happened. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical. As a side note, I would say that I was addicted to gum sometimes consuming more than a pack a day. So giving up this addiction was hard for me.

Well here I am having completed only a few weeks of eliminating aspartame and I can say I am shocked and in almost disbelief! The very next day I was feeling an improvement. My dizziness started to decrease, my muscle pain minimizing, the fatigue, abdominal pains and twitches all improving. I went through this experiment for several days before telling anyone I knew just so I wouldn’t seem to jump the gun.

In all 14 months of my debilitating condition I had seen no improvement at all. I had seen dozens of doctors including chiropractors and natropathic doctors with no help and finally some relief was coming. It makes me passionately ill that our government allows this toxic substance to be added into things that we consume. If this substance is not taken out of items on the market it should at least include warnings or recommendations for consumption. I had no idea that what I was putting in my body was killing me. I spent thousands and thousands of dollars looking for answers when I could have just taken a few things out of my diet. What else is this substance doing to other people around the world without them knowing?

# 13

I too have fallen a victim to this toxic drug. It almost ruined my life and career. Thank you for putting this information out there. I was almost disabled from pain in my extremeties so severe I wanted to amputate my legs to get rid of it. Thank God I found a Dr. who gave me an article on aspartame side effects. My life changed after removing it from my diet.

# 14

I came on your site while doing research for school. I have been on my crusade about aspartame for about 10 yrs. I was on weight watchers and switched to diet drinks to try to lose weight. I drank a six pack of Dr Pepper a day. I am a nurse. I don't think you would have wanted me to be your nurse as I was tired and felt like I was in a fog all of the time. After I quit and the fog cleared, I told my physician about it and he commented he had quit drinking sodas because he thought it was the caffiene in his diet drinks that were causing him problems. I do still drink some drinks containing aspartame, but limit them severely. Also see a lot of products with it hiding in them, like my vitamins! When I warn my many diet drink drinking friends, especially nurses, they usually laugh at me. I'm am a firm believe that if we were suppposed to eat it, God probably would've mentioned it in the Book. You know, "the land of milk and aspartame."

# 15

Several years ago, I decided I had to lose weight so I joined Weight Watchers. I used a lot of their products as well as diet drinks with Aspartame. After about 4 months, I had lost 40 pounds and was so proud of myself. Then I began feeling really tired, loss of appetite and such. My thyroid has increased in size by about 150%. The doctor gave me some antibiotics and told me to come back in 6 weeks to do another check. If the thyroid was not back to normal, we would have to do a lot more tests and scans. I went home and, other than the antibiotics, changed nothing except quitting using diet products. When I went back, my thyroid was completely normal and I have never had the problem again. Of course, I won't touch any food with Aspartame and have it listed on my medical records as being an allergin for me. I have never had another problem with my thyroid since, about 5 years now. My daughter is also allergic to it. It gives her migraines. Just wanted to pass this along to everyone. STAY AWAY FROM ASPARTAME.

# 16

I drank Diet Mt Dew daily for 15 years. For the past 3 years, I began experiencing CHRONIC FATIGUE, horrible joint pains, migraines, and memory loss with lack of concentration. I am a nurse and I found myself having difficulty at work caring for my patients due to these symptoms. I have since stopped drinking soda with Aspartame and within just a week, I have experienced a TREMENDOUS improvement in my health. I just hope I didnt wait too long. I still have health problems due to the consumption of large amounts of aspartame on a daily basis. I am just hoping that soon I will have my complete health back. Aspartame almost ruined my life. I now feel so much healthier and plan to never consume this poison again. Our government and FDA are slowly killing us, all in the name of money. Its sad. We should be able to depend on them for our safety, after all thats what they are supposed to do...look out for us. Its time to be our own advocate because obviously the FDA are failing in doing so.

# 17

I am a victim of aspartame poisoning and have been for many years, it almost killed me. Being diagnosed with MS and liver disease, slowly closer to death day by day.....and no one told me.

# 18

Have been injured by Aspartame years ago. Been off of it about 5 or more years. Health improved months after quitting. Still have some neuropathy in my feet. I believe it killed both my parents before their time. These people who had anything to do with putting this into public consumption should be arrested and tried for their crimes. And SNOPES is full of it. Nothing but propaganda. This should be front page news and all over FOX news.

# 19

I had horrible headaches, dizzieness, and nausea every day. My daughter was diagnosed with possible having MS. We both quit aspartane 3 weeks ago and our symptoms disappeared. We both had numerous blood tests, CT scans, heart monitors, stress tests, and MRI's to no avail. Thank God my daughter in law sent me an article about Sweet Poison.

# 20

I started drinking diet drinks with aspartame a few months back. I thought I was doing something good for my body by decreasing my sugar intake. Next thing I know, I end up in the hospital with a migraine that felt like my head was going to explode. The migraines kept coming for months. I couldn't figure out what was causing it, until a friend just happened to mention the dangers of aspartame in diet drinks. I did some research and found that migraines was a side effect of aspartame. I cut aspartame out of my nutrition and haven't had any problems since. We need to do a better job of getting the word out, I was surprised that I hadn't heard anything about the dangers of aspartame until now. I was also outraged that our FDA still allows this product to be used when there are so many people telling their stories of side effects. I guess money is more important than people's health. Our society is so sad.

# 21

I just came across your site and wanted to add my testimony.
When NutraSweet first hit the market in the 80's, I was almost 10 years old. My mother began purchasing Crystal Light, and I couldn't get enough of it!! A few months later, my mother and I were camping in a tent, in the middle of nowhere, when I had my first seizure in the middle of the night. I continued having seizures in my sleep for many months. One of these seizures gave me temporary paralysis of the left side of my body. After doing a sleep study, they found I had damage to the area of my brain that controls my sleep patterns. I consider myself VERY fortunate that I had a doctor that was aware of the potential dangers of aspartame. After hearing from my mother that I consumed it on a regular basis, he advised against it - informing us that it has the potential to cause brain damage in children!! I was appalled as a child that the USA would allow such a product to be sold when they knew it could hurt me. I began researching the facts on my own and eventually wrote a paper about it the next year for my English class. I was given a F, for using unreliable, inaccurate information to write what was intended to be a factual news article. This is the type of reaction I have continued to get over the next 24 years. I tell my story to anyone who will listen and continue to warn parents when I see them serving aspartame products to their children. FYI - the damaged brain tissue regenerated and healed itself after the removal of aspartame from my diet

# 22

Thank you for some great info and a jumping point to finding out about and fixing my teenage daughters health problems. The school wanted to call it a mental issue but I knew they were wrong. She has been drinking diet soda for about 5yrs everyday (w/moodswings, migranes, cramps, anger and many more) now 2 weeks off all aspartame products mirganes are down to a dull throb, cramps almost gone and she has control over her emotions again. I am bringing your website and any other info I can find to the school. Maybe we can "cure" other kids. Thank you again Be Blessed Doddie

# 23

I've been off aspartame products for 8 wks now and what a difference.I had about 75% of the 92 symptoms after drinking diet drinks and using Equal for about 15 yrs.I received an email from a friend and then researched the internet and found your website,along with others.
Keep up the good work,I'm telling everyone that I come in contact with and trying to get it out of vending machines at a local private school where I am on staff.Thanks

# 24

I have cease aspartame consumption since Oct 29 2007 and within 6 days have noticed significant changes in my vision problems and joint pains. I will continue with my diary and see the outcomes.
Is there an Australian arm of Mission Possible. How do I contact them??
Regards Vince.

# 25

Aspartame consumption caused me to have two episodes of optic neuritis. Acesulfame K (Acesulfame Potassium/Ace-K) also brought it on. After an aspartame detox program, my vision is back to normal! Please be aware and get the word out! Thank you!

# 26

Symptoms have been getting worse for 6 months- migraines, blurred vision, irritability, trouble concentrating, low energy, dizzy spells and finally tunnel vision! Went to see my doctor and in the exam room he looked over the nurse's notes and the first thing he asked me is if I drank diet drinks. I said yes, about 6-10 cans a day. The doctor said to quit cold turkey and see what happens. Three days later with no aspartame and all my symptoms are gone! No more headaches- I would get one every time I drank a diet soda. No more tunnel vision, no more eye focusing problems, my moods are better, and my energy is back to what it used to be. This is obviously from eliminating the sodas from my diet- it is the only thing I have changed in my lifestyle. The immediate effects are amazing!!! People need to stop using this poison ASAP! Spread the word- I will.

# 27


# 28

All my 4 children and i have Neurological problems like..blurred vision,twitching muscules,severe jumping and twitching when sleeping, memory loss, severe migraines,tiredness,numb feet,hands.I stopped aspartame 4months ago and dont get blurred & foggy vision anymore, my children dont have aspart now but still have the symptoms,I am worried that i was a junkie on aspart when pregnant, i had really bad heart burn and lived on rennies which have it in also diet coke, gum..a packet a day etc, can it effect them now..have they been damaged???Clare

# 29

I have finally after all these years kicked the diet coke habit. I have lupus and it was making it so much worse. My gastro system is much better, my stomach is not as nauseous. And mostly, i have lost 30lbs in two months. I am free!!!!

# 30

I used to have seizures and severe migraines. A friend of mine new I drank my coffee everday with a lot of sweet & low in it. She told me to stop using it because of what she's heard about aspartame. I thought she was crazy! But because she kept pleading with me I finally gave in and switched to sugar. I no longer have migraines or seizures!

# 31

Started having muscle spasms and grand mal seizures a year and a half ago when I started using Equal in my coffee instead of Sweet 'n Low. I'm 46 years old and have never in my life experienced seizures. My last one was on Feb. 13, 2006. After being rushed to the hospital multiple times and seeing my personal physician multiple times, no one could give me a reasonable explanation about what was going on (unless I submitted to numerous, costly tests which I believed would not give me a clear answer). I then started thinking back about what in my lifestyle or diet had changed previous to the first seizure. The only thing I could come up with was changing to Equal. I immediately gave it up. Right now I've gone 32 days with no Equal and no seizures. I was having a seizure at least one a month. I realize that it hasn't been that long yet, but I feel confident that I have at least identified the culprit. I already feel better overall and am not at least experiencing the muscle twitching in my legs that I was feeling prior to a seizure coming on. I just hope that there is no irreversible damage done to my body.

# 32

I have been having chest pains, confusion, panic, etc. for over a year and a half. I decided to take a break from diet coke, my symptoms slowly subsided. I had a diet coke yesterday after abstaining for the two weeks and an hour after having the drink, I felt horrible. No more diet coke for me. This is very real and very scary.

# 33

Bob j from Raleigh needs to experience the poising of artificial sweeteners before he sets himself up as a judge. I am 64 and started diet cokes in the 1980's. It took until 2005 to finally realize what was causing every symptom I had. No dr. could find anything wrong with me. Chest pains, palpitations, excrutiating leg pain, stomach aches, anxiety, depression just to name a few. After just 3 days of being off this stuff, my symptoms disappeared.

# 34

I came down with horrible hives that I suffered with for 9 months. I was given antibiotics, allergy pills, and steroids but nothing helped. After doing some research I cut out all aspartame and have not had a serious outbreak since (5 months now!). Prior I was a diet soda addict, but now I only drink water, juice or tea. I am so glad I learned the truth.

# 35

I have been aspartame free for a month now, and my symptoms of dizzines, anxiety,and back pain have completely disappeared. Thank you for the wonderful work that you do!

# 36

I Can Personally Tell You That " Aspaetame Is Like A Poison To Me. I Was Lucky Enough To Read "". I Have Been Off Diet Cokes and All Products Of "Aspartame", I Feel 100% Better, No Headaches, Brain Fog, Or Depression. They Need To Ban This " POISON". Thank You For This Information.

# 37


# 38

i had a seizure at work nearly 2 years ago. then lots of what they call "auras" until i had another seizure 6 months ago. then i was told i had epilepsy and put on some horrible medication. i was thoroughly miserable about this. but took my pills, thinking i had no choice. the auras stopped, the depression increased. then, at work, in front of several of my bosses at an important meeting, another seizure happened. the medicine wasn't working. i did lots of research and found all this stuff about aspartame. i've been on the diet coke for years. and drinking 4 or 5 coffees a day with sweetner. i love yoghurt. and god knows what else. here's the answer then eh? i've been off the deadly aspartame for 2 months. i feel so much better. i can join in conversations again. my memory is returning. my confidence coming back. my energy is getting better. the depression is still there, but getting better. i'm still taking the pills, but daren't really come off them, just in case. my neurologist isn't convinced. he says it's not text book. but he's probably being financed by some drugs company??
thank god for the people setting all this up.
what else can we do to spread the word?

# 39

Homepage URL:

Since cutting this out of my diet - I no longer suffer from migraines (I used to get about 2 or 3 per week).

I also don't want my baby to be exposed to it either - I'm currently pregnant, so I'm glad I cut it out when I did!

# 40

I can personally tell you that aspartame is like a poison to me. I was lucky enough to have found out about this many years ago. Shortly after I was married I discovered that some weird episodes I was having were actually a form of seizure (or absence really). After reflection I now realize that I had been having these episodes for a long time, but as they generally occurred in the morning it was not discovered until I got married and my husband witnessed them. At first, I was terrified. I thought I had some sort of mental illness and I would tell no one, not even my family. I did finally tell one friend (who obviously wasn't) and she made me feel as crazy as I thought I was. I began to get worse and had episodes more frequently and later into the day, so that I was having them at work, etc. I also developed a horrible rash, which almost made me lose my job as the whole entire office was afraid I had some kind of contagious disease. I also almost lost my life as I had an episode while driving and took out a telephone box, someone's fence and almost ran into a parked car, before I actually got back on the road. I didn't realize what had happened and went on home. When I got a huge bruise on my leg and my husband looked at our vehicle which was mangled we were so scared we immediately retraced my trip home from work. We found a state trooper writing it up as a hit and run. We told him what happened and as a result I lost my driver's license. Luckily for me, a distant family relative had a terrible reaction to aspartame as well. She would be catatonic for days at a time. She is fine now that she is off of aspartame. I was dieting heavily and so I decided it couldn't hurt to cut out the aspartame and see what happened. This was back in approx 1994-1995. Immediately the rash started going away, but it took 90 days for my seizure like symptoms to cease. It was almost like going through a drug withdrawal. The last day I had a seizure I was practically catatonic. I was out of it almost all day. From that day on I have not had one single recurrence of any symptom. I also have not touched aspartame in that time. I have read a few of the comments from people who do not believe that aspartame is dangerous. It does not seem to effect some people, but that does not mean that it is not dangerous to others. I also understand that some would like scientific proof that it is dangerous before they will believe it. And that is their opinion. But you also have to remember that there are lots of diseases that nobody in the world knew about until one person came down with them. I think everyone who has been affected by aspartame would LOVE scientific proof just as much as the skeptics. That doesn't mean we are stupid for trying to improve our quality of health and life by cutting out aspartame now. My husband, daughter and I all just stay away from aspartame. We also stay away from all artifical sweeteners even though I am not sure if any such as saccharin, splenda, or stevia would affect me. It's just not worth it to me to test it out. As years have passed, I have come to realize that there were lots of other symptoms I was having that correspond to aspartame use such as nightmares, etc. If aspartame doesn't affect you than I am very glad. As for those of you who have some permanent illness from aspartame I couldn't be sorrier. I just feel extremely blessed that I was able to come out of my situation with no noticeable side effects. I was finally able to get my license back, but only after going to a neurologist and having an MRI which came out clear. The neurologist I went to said he believed my story that the aspartame is what was causing my problems, but unfortunately he said there was no way to test for aspartame sensitivity at this time. So he suggested the MRI as a means to show the state that I did not have epilepsy or some similar type of seizure disorder. Maybe we will never find the exact correlation between aspartame and the health problems people have been having. But if you are having health problems, consider it as an option to just discontinue use of the aspartame.

# 41

I'm a 34 year old male and recently started a diet. I cut out all fatty foods and switched to Sweetener and Diet Coke as well as low-fat options. Within weeks I was trembling, twitching and suffering memory loss. I thought I was beginning to suffer a neurological disorder and went to see a doctor. After I heard about Aspartame I cut it completely out of my diet and within 4 weeks, all symptoms have gone. I am convinced it was Aspartame. I wonder how many people are suffering from this substance and just don't know why.

# 42

My son and I have been victims of Asp. poisoning. I lost my female parts because of what it does to your hormones. I had abdominal cramping like labor, hives, heart palpitations, spaciness, blurred vision, loss of vision, headaches, restless legs, backaches and depression. My son was in the hospital with terrible abdominal pains, vomiting and another time for a headche so bad he crawled to the car--they found nothing wrong any of the times. We finally deducted months later for all of uis that it had been the Weight Watchers diet I was on and he had consumed liters of grapefruit jiuce with it in it. He so much as gets a piece of gum and his tongue, face and lips go numb. His girlfriend has popping noises in her head, flashes of light and migraines from one piece of Orbit gum. This is poison and no one will believe us when we say it is poison--they say it doesn't affect them. Believe me after a few years of consumption they will have a very rude awakening. Between this and mass immunization I think our government is trying to control the birth rate in the USA.--Pitiful...

# 43

I have been drinking aspartame since I can remeber. REcently I had a hives break out on my arms, my legs and my stomach. I went to two medical dr.s who diagnosed it as being from the sun, scabies or just a rash that will go away. I asked one of them if drinking a product with aspartame i it was harmful and he said it wasnt, he drank about a liter of it a day himself. THe hives did not go away, I finally went to my chiropractor. As soon as he saw my skin he said it was my liver...the aspartame was destroying my liver. It has been three weeks now since I have haed an aspartame and the hives are gone. I had the worst headache for about three days but a cup of coffee cured that. I wish I had l had listened to all those warnings about aspartame, it's amazing how much better I feel now. I am trying to spread my knowledge to other "addicts" now.

# 44

Everyone listen! I am 53 years old and have been drinking diet soda like an addict for years. Several years ago my hands started getting very weak - I assumed it was "old age" setting in. Then I started having pain on my side - despite every medical test imaginable - i.e. catscan, MRI, sonar, x'rays, sonograms, heart test ... I started getting sicker and sicker. It finally reached the point to were I could no longer walk. I would be up all night, with muscle spasms, shooting pains down my legs and arms. I was lethargic - couldn't move if my life depended on it. We had to hire full time household help because I couldn't get out of bed. I was told I had fibromyalgia and not much they could do but give me pain killers and anti-depressants. I finally changed doctors - and walked into the new doctors office with a diet soda! Immediately, she asked me what I had in my cup - when I told her..she said "do you know how dangerous artifical sweetneers are?" Anyhow, it has taken 4 months of detoxing my body with vitamins, minerals, herbs etc, to finally say that my pain in undercontrol. It took about 3 months before I started walking like a normal person again. If my accident I put something in my mouth as I did the other day, a sugar-free cough drop, within 20 minutes I start having pain down my legs and arms. I am not 100% back to my old self - perhaps 80% there. PLEASE LEARN FROM MY EXPERIENCE. I am now hearing all kinds of horror stories from friends of friends!

# 45

I am 41. For nearly 7 months I thought I was dying. Doctors knew nothing. Swollen tendons, lumps in my muscles, intense nerve pain in all my limbs including my back. I got next to no sleep for over a month from the pain.
My quality of life was unspeakable. I was warned about aspartame but ignored it. After loosing sleep for a month I decided to read up on it. Within 15 minutes I was at the sink dumping everything with aspartame in it. That was July 1st 05. Today is september 1st. I FEEL GREAT!!! I feel very lucky to have found my poison. I am so much better. I still need to detoxify. I am now very convinced aspartame was the problem. I can walk normal again. The makers MUST be stopped!!!
I have helped two friends with very like symptoms. They just quit.

# 47

I used nutrasweet in my tea while at work and developed not only dizziness but also a very mild hallucination - but realized that I wasn't dizzy on the weekends! I finally stopped using it and regained my "balance". I also remembered my Father complaining of "disequalibrium" and remembered reading that it was also genetically based; I told all of my relatives about it and we all got better! ...loved the taqste and ease of use but it's poison to me now!

# 48

I have been drinking 1 six pack of caffeine free diet pepsi daily, since I gave up alcohol 8 years ago.

I suffered sore joints, poor sleeping habits, short temper and impatience, difficulty in concentration, numbness in my hands, plus several other noticable health problems, not to mention elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol, high glucose.

After reading the information in, I stopped the diet soda habit cold 6 weeks ago, and started taking the detox formula recommended by Dr. Hull; all of the above symptoms have gradually diminshed so that I feel I am on the road to recovery. I had no idea that an FDA approved ingredient could be so damaging to ones health.

All of the critical blood chemistry readings are now within acceptable ranges, my blood pressure is well within acceptable ranges, and my sleep habits have improved, not to mention that the symptoms of arthritis have diminished.

It is very difficult to believe that this is simply a coincidence. While I was a Diet Pepsi consumer, my stamina was limited, and now that I am off the stuff at age 65, it is no longer a strain to play 4 sets of singles tennis in the mid day sun.

# 49

About a year ago I wrote in that I was taking the 60 day no aspartame challenge after living with epilepsy and headaches for years. I am pleased to report that the challenge worked and the seizure disorder disappeared. Recently, however I began to drink the diet sodas again foolishly. Three months later the seizures came back (being diabetic my choices are limited). I have no choice, however, but to try and cut it completely out of my diet again.
I just want to say as a genetic research technician at U of MD I think all the chemists need to remember that genes may play a roll in the way one person vs. another digests aspartame. Realize that not EVERYONE is allergic to shellfish or say poison ivy. Some people in the world are even immune to the AIDS virus. Its all in your genes. Perhaps these odd, multi-symptom neurological reactions to tiny amounts of apsartame are due to different mutations within a gene.
Basically we can't be sure why some people react to small amounts of aspartame while others don't. But what we should be doing is figuring out why only some people have these reactions. Even if the number is say 1 in 3000 people with aspartame sensitivity (totally made up).... that would mean about 100,000 Americans and 2 million people worldwide are wandering around consuming products that haven't been completely proven for safety in the long run. Thats just a guess but still a lot of people. The point is more experiments must be done to figure out what's really going on here before we can judge this product either way. I can honestly say I believe its affecting me negatively and obviously others feel the same way. Here's hoping that more money for clinical research on this stuff becomes available....

# 50

i have been morbidly obese most of my life. when diet colas w aspartame came out, i drank a lot of them. at that time,1986, i had a data entry job with a large corp. their computer setup required that operators enter a 7 digit password before every transaction. i would have to do this about 100 - 150 times a day, the same 7 digits - fgdc074. soon i was up to 2 liters of diet coke per day. 2 weeks later, my wife noticed my speech started to slur slightly. she was keen to it because i was a part time lecturer. i also smoked, and she attributed the sluring to that or my high blood pressure meds [i have since quit smoking, aspartame, and i don't need blood pressure meds]. THEN IT HAPPENED. AUGUST 1986, I FORGOT MY PASSWORD. i had to write it down. someone at work suggested it was the diet coke. i stopped it. one month later, my memory returned, and my speech stopped its slur. i still smoked, so it was not the smoking. i would not stop smoking for 2 more years.

# 51

I discovered I was poisoning myself with Aspartame (DietCoke) in 1997. At the time I had to be helped to the dinner table, and helped to stand up also. I was misdiagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, and Depression. My bones quit burning and hurting after the third day of being Aspartame-free. Within a month, I felt like my life was given back to me. The Irritable Bowel Syndrome was also gone.

Please be warned that Wrigley Chewing Gums ALL have Aspartame in them, whether they are diet or not. I contacted the company and asked them why, and they said they could get away with it because they also add sugar to their products along with the Aspartame. All Wrigleys regular products, including Juicy Fruit have Aspartame in them. As do most all chewing gums including Dentyne. Check the label, it is listed.

# 52

I have had severe adverse reactions to aspartame including but not limited to dizziness, vomiting, memory loss, severe migraine headaches and weight gain. I began experiencing these only 10 months after starting to consume diet soda drinks on a regular basis. It became clearly evident as these reactions became more severe, that the cause was aspartame. I worked at a convenience store that served up employees free diet fountain drinks and slushs. I began to notice when I wasn't at work and I drank no diet drinks that the symptoms would ease off. I was curious and so I went on the internet and found a few articles dissing aspartame. I stopped taking anything with aspartame and all the symptoms cleared up. I know for a fact that it was the aspartame because I replaced diet with regular drinks (I love my cola). I didn’t have any adverse effects when drinking non-diet drinks in the same quantity. Also, whenever I am at a friends and all they have is diet, I will take one, only to suffer later. I decided not to take any more diet pop even if it is the only thing available and just drink water, juice, or coffee/tea. What I can't understand is why they are still using aspartame when there are so many complaints about it and there are so many alternate and perhaps safer diet sweeteners on the market now (like DiabetiSweet, Erythritol, SPLENDA, and Stevia Sugar)? Some don't even have the aftertaste associated with Aspartame. The reason is that it is cheaper, so it all boils down to company profit at the expence of consumer's health.
Another story is that of my grandson. Any cough syrup or drink sweetened with aspartame makes him gag and vomit. Makes you wonder about what this additive is really doing to our children. Why are there so many kids now with A.D.D. and other learning disabilities, more than ever before? "You are what you eat", that old saying really makes me wonder if the food industry hasn't been slowly poisoning our children over the years with all their untested food additives. Scary thought.
I sent this info to several companies who were using Aspartame at the time (7 years ago now). They either didn't respond or sent some form letter pointing me to a website that was pro-aspartame. Back then, the pro sites outnumbered the cons, and they were usually on the top of the search engine list. Now I am glad to see that the reverse is true, and that there are allot more con sites. Perhaps one day the companies that use Aspartame and other questionable food additives (like M.S.G.) will take heed and actually do the right thing for their customers and stop using these dangerous food additives. Some companies now even point out that their products are "Aspartame free", so I guess there are responsible companies out there that are taking heed to all the negative publicity.
I notice there are those who are responding negatively to this website, and say that Aspartame hasn't affected them. I guess that is all well and good and if they want to continue taking Aspartame it's their business, but to diss someone just because they have had a bad experience with Aspartame and blatantly ignore overwhelming evidence against the use of this substance is totally childish and irresponsible. You may have not had any ill effect YET from using Aspartame, but that doesn't mean you won't. Everyone has different tolerances to different substances. For example, I can put my hands in a corrosive substance and have no ill effect, whereas my wife breaks out in a skin rash. I have thicker skin is all. If I left my hand in long enough, I would evenually experience discomfort. So keep on taking Aspartame and drink a half - gallon of diet pop every day and get back to me in a year or two with YOUR story about the evils of Aspartame (you will definitely have one if your intake is that high).

# 53

I have had personal experience with your subject. I was having extreme fatigue, and I felt like "something was wrong" with me. The doctor thought I might have MS after hearing about my symptoms. An MRI was performed on me, but thank God, it came back normal. To make a long story short, several weeks later my husband heard on talk radio that nutrasweet was like poison, and that I should stop using it. Within a few weeks ALL my symptoms went away. I will never knowingly eat anything with aspartame in it again.

# 54

In 1983 I was introduced to Diet Coke and started drinking it immediately. I thought that it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I was definitely an addict to the product. I drank probably close to a 12 pack a day. Little did I know what was causing my problems.

At night when I would go to bed I had terrible cramps and pains in my feet and legs. At times I would crawl on my hands and knees to get an aspirin or ice to try to stop the cramps. A couple of years back someone sent me a notice about ASPARTAME and it's causing symptoms like MS. I was very moved by the information and I immedidately quit drinking diet Coke.

Since that time I no longer have leg and feet cramps. I don't crawl to the refrigerator any longer for help. I am a true believer that ASPARTAME was my problem. I don't know who sent me that e-mail but I sure would like to thank them for the all the nights sleep that I have received since I have stopped drinking diet Coke.

# 55

Aspartame is a KILLER !!! I drank it in my coffee for 12 years 20 packets a day 7 days a week average.Been out of work for almost 2 years now.Was down for 8 months could barely walk. Arthritis,muscle spasms,swelling of hands,feet,knees,hands,wrists and elbows and many other ailments.Been Aspartame free now 15 months symptoms slowly going away.

# 56

I went through hell posibilely as a result of using substances containing aspartame in the mid seventies and still believe that I suffer from the long term results of its use.

# 57

I worked at Nutrasweet plant in Augusta, GA from 1984-89. They let me go because I developed Seizure Disorder, and said I had become a liability to them. I got seriously ill and it's effects of toxicity have pervased my life. I do not have Grand Mal Seizures any more, however mental disorders continue. I've been on disability since 1997. I'm now 47 yrs old. The sickness in my mind and body caused by Nutrasweet has cost me a lifetime of misery and suffering. Currently I'm going to a Electro Acupuncturist twice weekly to help me with muscular disorders. I would like information on any class action lawsuits against Nutrasweet, as I would like to join as well. I went to the V.A.Medical Center in the Bronx, N.Y. and participated in a double blind test study in January 1990. I have the Doctors name in my files. They failed to locate the test data after the release date for information dissimination. I have a video tape of me having a seizure in the Epileptic Unit at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, GA. The seizure occurred after consumption of several diet Sprites. I have been ill for a very long time now and wish to do something about it to recover punitive and economic damages from the makers of Nutrasweet. Please help if you can. Thank you, George McMurrain. cell# 912-399-1158

# 58

I have suffered from aspartame poisoning for more than a year now. Thank goodness I found Dr. Janet Hull's site. She and I share the minicing of Graves Disease. I couldn't walk, I felt that I was cooking inside I was so hot, and so many other symptoms I could write a book. No doctor could diagnosis me and when I stopped taking aspartane my symptoms began to disappear!! This is true and you can read "Sweet Poison" for more information.
Please do not use Equal or Diet Coke. Read labels for this food additive.
Protect your children from this poison and especially those that may be over weight. Good luck.

# 59

Drinking Diet Cokes, sweetening coffee and cereal with Aspertame caused extreme joint pain in all parts of my body. Use of hands was limited and very painful. Sometimes hands would spasm. I got off Aspertame and it took over a month for the symptoms to stop. Now there is no pain or spasms at all in joints and hands. It is amazing! Like night and day!

# 60

I've been a diabetic for over 20 years a drank more than my share of Diet Coke. Recently however I switched to Diet Rite products (no aspartame) and noticed a dramatic improvement in my blood sugar levels. I'm actually taking less insulin!

# 61

Couldn't sleep due to severe itching & scratching till I bled, also bled under the skin. Went to 6 Doctors,had many tests,said it wasn't cancer or Lupus, thought it could be nerves. Happened to read about the 60day Aspartame free test and decided to try it. I was a heavy user of aspartame. It's been just over 2 weeks and I can hardly believe it, I am sleeping without being woke up with itching. It's a miracle. My newest Dermatologist was interested when I told him about the test, he told me to keep a record for when I come next time.
I think Aspartame is addictive, I started using it because my husband was diabetic and he used it.I even sprinkled it on my toast, in my salad and other vegetables, 2 envelopes in 1 cup of coffee, and diet Soda. I should of realized when people kidded me about it.

# 62

I've been a major "diet-Coke-aholic" for more than 30 years, often drinking 10 to 12 cans or more of diet Coke a day. My health has steadily declined over the last several years. My tendons, bones, and joints seemed to be deteriorating for no reason. I've suffered increasing chronic body pain. It has become more and more difficult for me to concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes at a time. In the last 10 years, I've had surgery 12 times: 3 neck surgeries, 6 wrist surgeries, one thumb surgery, one knee surgery, and one ankle surgery. When facing yet another ankle surgery, one of my doctors asked if I drank diet colas. When I said "yes," he advised me to stop drinking them for 6 weeks to see if my ankle pain got better. It not only got better, but so did a whole host of other symptoms! That's when I started doing research on aspartame. I've been aspartame-free for 6 months now. My elbows and wrists no longer hurt. My knees, ankles, and feet hurt far less. For the first time in years, I'm not running a low-grade fever. I can sleep the whole night through without a sleeping pill. My energy level has gone up. My weight is going down. My fingernails are no longer splitting and peeling back in layers. My hair is growing like wildfire. I could go on and on. How could our government get away with foisting this poison on us and let us be slowly killing ourselves all this time, all in the name of profit? I am absolutely outraged!

# 63

I used to drink diet drinks because sugar was "so bad". In 2000 my Mother died of brain cancer. I took a second look at aspartame. After getting off of it completely, all of my body aches went away. I did a test, drank it for 3 days. They all came back. I am now off of it for life. In order to KEEP my life! ASPARTAME DOES KILL. I am convinced if everyone with any kind of physical problem would discontinue aspartame, it would improve. Especially joint pain. People hobble to the checkout with their cases of diet drinks and wonder why they can't move! Check the label of anything that says SUGAR FREE.

# 64

Was told I was "allergic" to aspartame after a year or so of blacking out events. Stopped all use 15 years ago, and am fine.

# 65

I remember when aspartame first came out, I was in High School. It was "supposed" to be safer, and better tasting, than saccharine. It seemed to be in everything. At one point I got very ill, but no one knew what caused my illness. When I got well I resumed my normal eating habits and promptly got ill again. It was a chance discussion with my science teacher that led to an experiment. I changed what I ate. To this day I can not ingest ANYTHING that contains aspartame without becoming very ill. My body remembers that chemical (aka poison).

# 66

I have been through some much in the last 9 months with all of my symptoms. They have been dizziness (to the extreme I couldn't walk for days), severe headaches, my toes & hands num. My doctors were preparing me for MS when someone told me about all the diet coke I drink. I cut back on my diet coke and my symptoms have slowly gone away.

# 67

i have a lot of these symtoms and once i stopped drinking the diet colas a lot of my symptons went away. My question is i eat a lot of sugar free cookies but i am not sure about the ingredients i always look to see if aspartame is in it but what about like maltitol i just dont know about other artificial sweetners. Thanks

# 68

After several years of significant aspartame consumption (via Diet Cola), worsening depression and significant weight gain, I had my first and only major seizure the day before my 25th birthday. An EEG the next day showed clear signs of epilepsy. After doing my own research, I realized my soda consumption might have contributed to the seizure. I stopped drinking it and made NO OTHER lifestyle changes. Several months later, I had another EEG done, and displayed NO TRACE of epilepsy. We are poisoning ourselves with FDA approval! Tell your friends!

# 69

It is sad to see the rude comments some of the guests have made, condemning this website. They don't have any negative symptoms, so they believe you must be wrong. How can they imagine the extreme illness aspartame causes.
I've just found this site, and I thank God for you, who dare to stand up for what you know is right.
I know you are right! I was a victim! I loved COKE! For years I would drink three to five sodas per day.
When I began to gain weight I switched to diet cola, which at that time was not sweetened with aspartame. I didn't care for the taste, but it didn't bother me physically, and I ignored the warnings that the sweetener at that time was known to cause cancer. I was skeptical like many, and I did not necessarily believe it would hurt me. I drank diet pop coke for several years before they switched to aspartame. I didn't even pay attention to when they switched, never had a reason to care. Sometime around the years 82-83, I began symptoms that progressively became worse.
The best I can describe my symptoms is that they appeared to be affecting the secretions in my body. I went to my doctor to have tests run, and he said I was fine. He could not find a yeast infection or any problem that could cause my continuous and extreme vaginal itch. He found no reason for my headaches, and itchy dry skin. He asked me if I had a change in diet, and I said NO! I was eating and drinking the same things I had for years. I never once suspected Diet coke during this time.
Symptoms persisted and became worse. My eyes watered with a thick film, My vision was becoming impaired, and I was afraid I was losing my sight. I went to an opthamologist who said my eyes were fine! My ears filled with wax and tingled constantly, A repeat visit to my doctor showed nothing wrong. He suspects an allergy or stress. He knows I am not one to complain.
I went to a gynecologist because the vaginal itching and discharge seem to be increasing, intercouse became painful. He could find nothing wrong with me. No infection, NOTHING!
My abdominal and stomach area soon became so painful that I was forced to walk slowly. I couldn't jump, run, or sit in a chair without pain. Every trip to the doctor indicated nothing wrong.
My husband began to wonder if I was becoming what they called a hypochondriac. But, I am in pain, this is real! If this is an allergy, I need to find out what it is.
Months past, and I don't believe I would have ever figured it out, without the help of two girls I worked with. I overheard one girl talking about having a symptom of extreme vaginal itching so bad that she couldn't wear jeans anymore, and she only wore skirts.
I talked with her and found out that her doctors could not find any-thing wrong with her either. She did not have all my symptoms, but we were sure we were on to a mutually shared allergy.
A few weeks went by and we casually shared with another co-worker our symptoms and our futile attempt to find out what the allergy could be. After hearing our symptoms of extreme vaginal itching, she too remembered having it on occasions, and so bad that she would scratch until she bled. she said it was not constant like ours, but intense.and that if it ever happened again she would report to us the food she had taken in prior to it. Weeks later she came to us and reported she had the symptoms again. One night, she had a usual meal at a restruant, and at home she had a glass of Crystal Light lemon drink in the afternoon, and that evening the extreme itching occured. She tried it again a week later and it did the same thing. When we compared notes we found out that: She never drank soda pop of any kind, and only recently purchased the can of Crystal Light; drinking it occasionally.
Our other co-worker was a soda queen like me, only worse; she said she drank
five to ten diet sodas a day. WE DID NOT WANT TO BELIEVE IT WAS OUR DIET DRINK! But in our desperation to find out what was wrong with us, we gave up our diet drink for 2 weeks. In two weeks My itching decreased, My friends hadn't decreased of any significance. She was skeptical. We stayed off of it for two more weeks. My vaginal itch was only faint. It was enough to convince me that I'd found the culprit of my allergy. I had questions that needed to be answered. We were not the only ones at work who drank diet pop, and some drank as much or more than me, Yet they did not have negative symptoms. My question is: Would they become ill, from drinking aspartame sodas, without having physically negative symptoms?
I went to my doctor who told me that our bodies are made up of chemicals, our foods are chemicals,and that aspartame is a chemical, even if it is a natural sweetener.
He explained that the chemicals in my body is different from many others, as well as being similar to some. He said chemicals have reactions to other chemicals, and because aspartame effects my body physically, others may not have the same symptoms. He couldn't tell me if they were in danger.
My life changed for the good after that. I eventually returned to my old healthy self. It took a year for my vision to return to normal.The itchy watery eyes cleared in four to five months. It took a year for my ears to stop tingling. The ear secretions ended in four to five months. It took a full two years before I could run or jog again, without pain in my abdomen. I'll never forget what I've been through, and I'm thankful that I was one of the lucky ones who found out soon enough, before becoming irreversibly ill. Noone seemed to know about aspartame problems back then, and It was several years later that I noticed aspartame free ads for diet foods.
It's been 20 years since its been found that aspartame is bad for you, and many doctors know its bad for you, through their patients. Those of us who had early warnings through symptoms are the lucky ones. It's the ones without symptoms that worry me. They will find out too late, if they don't stop ingesting aspartame.
Yes, it saddens me to know that after 20 years, this aspartame is still on the market.
Good Luck on your endeavor! You have my support!

# 70

I also was a victim of aspartame.
I was gulping down Crystal Lite while
dieting for years. I became ill,with headaches,body aches,,depression,memory loss,,etc. One day while surfing the internet,,,I stubbled across an article
on Aspartame. I discontinued using aspartame,.and although I began to feel better it left a lasting impact. I now have a damaged kidney and liver.
Don't put this poison in your body!

# 71

I have had constant Diahorea for the past 10yrs and the Drs after many test found nothing wrong.I stopped taking Equal and am cured...( had no lifestyle before.)

# 72

I have been a victim of aspartame poisoning for several years and only realized it very recently. I have been suffering from extreme chronic fatigue and high blood pressure, weight gain, depression, numbness of hands & feet, joint pain, headaches, insomnia, etc. I started injesting Aspartame a little over 4 years ago when I began the Atkins diet and have continued consuming at least a six pack of some type of diet drink per day. I have been on "umpteen" medications for depresssion (& most recently for high bp) for 4 years with absolutely no relief, often with a worsening of symptoms. Doctor after doctor keeps insisting that I am just depressed and need to try this or that medication. I have always known that was not the answer, but did not know where to turn. Finally two weeks ago someone enlightened me to the horrors of aspartame poisoning. Given the amount that I have injested on a daily basis for the last 4 years, my health issues finally make sense. I immediately stopped all aspartame intake that I have been able to detect and while the recovery is slow to happen, I can very gladly say that after having diarrhea for the last four years, it is finally cleared up. Now if I can just get rid of the rest of the miserable effects!!

# 73

Your site is right on. I have been misdiagnosed for over 15 years and it had gotten really bad in the past three years. I quit aspartame products a week ago and already feel much better. The pain and burning/tingling in my feet and hands is going away. The foggy thinking is better. I'm still quite fatigued though and hope that improves soon. What a blessing.. such a simple answer to a problem that was destroying my life. This product should be BANNED.

# 74

I exhibit MS symptoms every now and again and went through the whole MRI scan and neurology thing. When i discovered the connection between Neutrasweet and this I cut artificial sweetners out of my life completely. My symptoms subsided dramatically but never completely. Once in a while I let my guard down and something gets into my routine and I feel weird again and then I realise that it contains aspartame of some other derivitive.

Most recently I have found that bar-b-que and prawn cocktail flavour crisps have it in, who would've guessed that.

# 75

never drink diet anything ever i was out of my mind for two weeks detoxing from this crap, i would beg people no to ever mess with diet anything it reaaly is poison.I am a gym person and pretty healthy, i train and run ect, i started on diet cokes to save on calories i dont know why but soon i was drinking 10 perday plus sugar free syrup plus phenalanaline weight lifting supps plus other hidden crap. had no idea why i started freaking on work and anxiety severe depression vision loss. tired headaches, well now its only been 10 days how long till its over, i hate feeling this shitty.

# 76

since cutting out aspartame my daily migraines have ceased.
What really annoys me is that mepole are putting it in innocent looking mineral water.

# 77

At one point I was drinking about 5 caffeine-free diet cokes a day, and I began having sporadic few-second blackout/disorientation episodes. These started not long after I had started drinking diet coke, and when I stopped drinking them, the episodes disappeared entirely. I won't blame every ache and pain on aspartame but that symptom which I never had before nor since had a perfect correlation with the timeframe I drank diet coke.

# 78

I quit using aspartame, completely, my vision is back to the point I do not have to wear glasses, and my energy level has sky rocketed. My husband stopped using it also, and his tendonitis has disappeared.

# 79

I am on day twenty-two of my 60-day no aspartam diet and I have lost five pounds! I have no more headaches or backaches. My school is doing reasearch and it is a lot of fun. We are doing aspartame for everything. My biology teacher and I are tellingt everyone about it and we also bought 10 of your bumper stickers. We are doing our best to spread the word. It is true for every 92 symptoms. We even know some one who was diagnosed with MS and was undiagnosed with it after she stopped drinking diet coke.

# 80

Aspartame is seriously dangerous! It is in so many things! Even gum that contains sugar also contains aspartame! I thought that Double Mint was okay but then I found out it contained aspartame as well. Any time I have a little bit of it I get severve Headaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

# 81

I was a Diet Pepsi drinker for many years. Fortunately, I did not suffer any damage other than headaches. I no longer consume aspartame at all and do not allow any family members to do so. It is nothing but criminal that such a substance is allowed to be put into our food supply, all in the name of money. Please continue to do all in your power to get this poison out of our food supply. I will be contacting my Congressman and Senator regarding this matter. My sincere sympathy to those who have suffered needless harm from this poison.

# 82

I just wanted to pass along my thanks for putting this information out. In May 1998 someone handed me a one-page flier containing just the tip of the iceberg about the effects of Aspartame. At that time, Diet Coke was my drink of choice. If I were thirsty, it’s what I reached for, and had been for at least 10 years. During those years, I developed severe migraine headaches, which were literally debilitating. I was on preventative medication, as well as symptomatic medication, which included self injections and pills, and suffered from about 4-5 headaches a month. I quit drinking and/or eating anything containing Aspartame after reading the devastation it causes in May of 1998. After about 3 months (which was probably the detoxification period) my migraines began to slowly, but surely, dissipate. I have been Aspartame free for five years now, and my migraine headaches have diminished from 4 or 5 a month to about 2 or 3 A YEAR! What's more is that none of them require a trip to the emergency room, which was a frequent occurrence in the past.

Thanks, again! I truly believe that the information you provide saved me from years of suffering.

# 83

I am 24 years old and was suicidal for 4 months because I had nearly all the physical and mental problems caused by ASPARTAME. I thought I was going mad or was posessed. By chance I gave up fizzy drinks in particular diet coke and orange squash which had it in and I was miraculously cured literally overnight. My landlord also had the same problem because he drank diet coke. Everyday I am coming across more and more people who are being affected by this one way or another and am becoming tired of telling them. Why should I be clearing up after the government!! LETS GET TOGETHER AND TAKE THESE BASTARDS TO COURT!!! What I went through was worse than death and I will not let them get away with it

# 84

Dear Sir,
i think I signed, but i'll make sure.
My husband and I think you are doing good.
My husband has had pulling all inside of his body, for 10yrs.He had not sleep for years allnight.
We have been to many Drs., which they never found anything wrong eith him.They gave him drugs to make maybe sleep at night, most of the time they did'nt work.Because when he relaxed the pulling started all over again.He described it to me as your whole inside was comeing apart.
He became so bad I had to take him to the emergeny room to get a knockout shot.Poor man was so tired.
Then I found on the internet, the aspertame poisening.I said to him, what do we have to loose, let's do without equel in your coffee, or chewing gum for a night.My God he sleep allnight.On the eigth day,he did have with draws bad. He now again is sleeping just fine.
It's so hard to believe that something like that can do so much damage.
Whatever we can do to help, we will help on anything, to get the news out to people.
WE are starting to get Drs records,to send to Nancey Martini.
Jim and I thank you for everything.
Write to us when needed.We will help you.
Sincerley Barbara and Jim Cassello

# 85

I have two stories to tell. When my son was 12, about 17 years ago, he started having seizures, and was diagnosed with epilepsy. An aunt of mine sent me an article from the N.E. journal of medicine put out by Harvard Medical School. They were trying to get aspartame off the market because of all the hazardous effects it had. Even though he was now on anti-seizure medication, he still continued to have seizures. I immediately stopped everything he was taking that had NutraSweet in it...which was quite a lot of things....and in time his seizures completely stopped, and he is now seizure free. However, I continued with my diet sodas, because I didn't want to gain weight. After several more years, I was having headaches and chest pains. I was put on a stress test and found there were problems, so they scheduled advanced tests. On the way to the hospital, I blanked out and totalled my car. Thank God no one else was involved. Anyway, I underwent extensive heart and brain tests, which all proved positive. My husband then decided that perhaps it was the diet soda I was still consuming, so we threw out everything that contained aspartame. Several months later, when I went back for tests to see how things were, everything was normal. I tried to explain to my doctor about the aspartame, but they really don't listen to that sort of thing. At any rate, I have been fine now for more than a dozen years, and I tell everyone I know about the dangers of aspartame. Sometimes it is just a small effect that we are not conscious of, but in time it will continue to grow to be a severe problem. Tell everyone you know about the dangers of aspartame. If they don't want to consume sugar, there are other artificial sweeteners on the market that will serve their purpose.

# 86

I was a diet pepsi drinker for 10-15 years. I recently went to the doctor for severe migraine headaches. I would wake up every day with a headache and go to bed the same way. There were some nights I could not even sleep from the pain. I stopped drinking diet pepsi 4 weeks ago and I have not had a headache since!

# 87

When my daughter was about 2 years old we started giving her soft drinks other than water or milk. We chose sugar free ones to protect her teeth. At the same time we noticed severe behavioural changes in her and on a trial and error basis we realised that the sugar free drinks, containing aspartame were the problem. Within minutes of her having aspartame she would be breaking anything in sight and attacking anyone within her reach. Needless to say from that day aspartame has been banned from our house. It is very sad that so many people are unwilling to listen and cut it from their diet, I've been telling people about our experience over the last 6 years! Hopefully now I've found this website people will listen to me. Thanks.

# 88

I began drinking diet drinks when I was about 15 years old. At the age of 30, I was put on insulin for diabetes.When I was 43, I began to have bouts with unexplained diarrhea. By eliminating things from my diet, I eventually discovered that the diarrhea was caused by my consumption of diet soft drinks, so I limited my consumption of this to one glass per day. Then about a 10 days ago, my sister sent me a pamphlet on the side effects of aspartame. Since then I have totally eliminated aspartame
consumption and have not had any more diarrhea. Other symptoms of aspartame poisoning that I had was an unbearable ringing in my ears, swelling of my feet, legs, and ankles, numbness in my feet, and shooting pains in my legs. Since I quit using aspartame, the ringing in my ears has decreased, the swelling in my feet and legs is somewhat better, as is the numbness in my feet, ankles, and legs. I haven't had any more shooting pains in my legs and I haven't had diarrhea since I totally stopped my aspartame consumption. According to the pamphlet that I was sent, aspartame is slowly embalming you while you are still living. I have started drinking water with lemon juice in it and I use Stevia in my coffee and tea. The Stevia seems to lower my blood sugar levels and it is a natural product. Thank you for informing the unsuspecting public, the FDA certainly didn't try to protect us.

# 89

In 1998, I decided I needed to lose some weight. I knew that aspartame caused me to have cramping and abdominal pain, but thought perhaps I could put up with that for the sake of weight loss. Well, after two weeks on aspartame, I was hospitalized for internal hemorraghing intestinally. I had lost 4 pints of blood in an hour and a half. Fortunately, the bleeding stopped spontaneously. Tests showed no reason for me to have had the bleeding.. I never had any trouble before that time, and I have never had any since.. BUT I DO NOT USE ASPARTAME ANYMORE!

# 90

please take the diet soda or any thing
with aspartame in it off the market be cause it me me unbearable around pepole
at work. since I quit the diet soda people sure can tell the differences in me & I hated the way I was so I quit the diet soda think god for my friend MRS DOULIN WHEN SHE SENT ME THE EMAIL about the aspartame thats when I stop drinking it & I throw away my other stuff with aspartame in it they sure can tell the differance in my behavior at work because i was having panicattacks at work which I didnt reaize that I was having them & i wasnt getting along with people

# 91

Thanks for bringing this information to the general public. I became aware of the dangers of aspartame 3 weeks ago and have removed it from my diet since then. I have noticed diminished headaches and feeling of being drunk. I still have slurring speech patterns and hopefully that will diminish and disappear aw well. Keep up the good work!!!

# 92

It a tragedy this has been allowed to happen. I am Type 2 diabetic and have switched to stevia. I already feel better after 2 weeks. I did have leg and joint pains and breathing problems.
I'll keep in touch

# 93

Finally got my harddrive replaced! Well, still aspartame free and loving it! I am now 35lbs lighter than when I first quit at the end of October. I am slowly but steadily regaining my health and strength. I still have memory problems-I am very forgetful, especially when I'm tired. I have to be very careful to stop for frequent rests when I am working around the house-I have to pace myself. I still stagger a bit and bump into things and lose my balance, especially when I'm tired- but I have a near-normal life now! I eat right, take supplements and exercise, and I believe that with time I may fully recover from all the neurological damage that #@*%&! did to me. Take hope and take the Aspartame challenge! And YES you CAN GET THAT %#&$@! OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM! I felt like hell for months when I was detoxing, but the symptoms gradually got less and less until they were gone, and now I am healing!

# 94

I had intense dizzy spells for about three years about 8 times a year. An all-day-long, stay-in-bed, and don't-move-at-all kind of dizzy. It seemed to have originated in my ears, because if I kept my head still, I could sometimes manage. During the same time period, I suffered frequent migraines, sometimes several in one week. I had many tests done, including hearing tests, vision tests, and MRI, and nothing was found to be wrong. My diagnosis was "benign positional vertigo." I took heavy antihistamines for some relief from the vertigo, and I also had migraine medication. My family doctor and my neurologist both mentioned that I should maybe lay-off the caffeine and the aspartame. Within 3 months of throwing away all packets of nutri-sweet, and all diet food containing it, my symptoms went away, and I haven't had migraines or dizzy spells since. (I did not stop using caffeine; I never had more than one caffeinated drink per day anyway.) I was free of symptoms for over 3 years, until a few weeks ago, when I ate 1/2 cup of yogurt before I realized it contained aspartame, and experienced slight dizziness that evening. I wish there were tests that could be done for aspartame poisoning, because I'm sure that's what my problem was.

# 95
Homepage URL:

I was introduced to aspartame before it hit the market. One of my clients was a scientist who helped develop the product and in the beginning at least he was not aware of the problems it could cause.

When cyclamates were removed from the market we were all at a loss for a replacement sweetener that tasted good. Aspartame seemed to be the solution. Of course I immediately started using Nutrasweet. After about 15 years a chiropractor gave me a page with possible side effects ... I was stunned that this one product might be the cause of my declining health. I had been to various doctors who did thousands of dollars in testing but could find nothing wrong. I immediately gave up the product and went back to plain old sugar ... it is 6 years later ... for the most part my headaches are gone ... the joint aches are better but my sciatic nerve is inflamed and the only thing the neurologist can come up with is possible exposure to some toxin in the environment. That was quite an innovative diagnosis I thought since most doctors have to have a physical reason or none. The outcome was I have to just live with it ... so I do.

Hopefully with time this will wear out or off.

In the meantime all any of us can do is spread the word and hope others will listen ... the consumer is the only one who will eventually put a stop by refusing to purchase the product. Aspartame is to big a business for it to be willingly given up and the powers that be certainly are not going to cut off their money kickback supply to stop it ... and the public trusts that the government would not allow a harmful product to be produced and sold to the public.

It is an uphill battle but one that needs to be fought.


# 96

Hi!So far have lost 17 lbs since stopping Nutrasweet!Dieted for years and only got heavier!Now, seems like it just drops off. Have been detoxing to get the poison out of my system using raw vegetable and fruit juices, and the herbal teas Lapacho and yerba-mate'.I also use the non-caloric NATURAL sweetener stevia. It's been scary at times since when I do detox ,the liver dumps stored toxins out and I get a lot of the symptoms I had originally-weakness and fatigue with blurring of vision. The difference now is,when I stop the detox, the symptoms stop! AND, the symptoms are getting milder so I must be close to being cleaned out. Today, I only had some mild blurring of vision. Finally ordered my harddrive from Gateway, so I should be back in business soon and be able to get back online whenever I want! Good luck everybody!

# 97

A day late with my progress report,but I've got bronchitis and have been taking it easy. Well, it's two weeks aspartame-free and I'm still doing great-no return of symptoms! Have great news about my Dad and my Uncle Warren and aspartame. Early this year my Dad was diagnosed as being in the early stages of senile dementia. He had gotten progressively worse,and about 4 months ago began hallucinating-all night long he would curse and yell at people who were not there,he would imagine things that were not real(he told me to go out front and see the new Mercedes Benz he had bought for me with the money the government had called him on the phone and told him he had won in a special lottery and that they had certified him as the richest man in the world! He absolutely could not be convinced otherwise, even when he saw the car was not there),he had to be watched constantly or he would wander off-even drive! When I found out about aspartame I got him off it and now 2 weeks later he sleeps all nite, no longer hallucinates or imagines things! He still has short-term memory loss, but since he is a dialysis patient he clears poisons and drugs from his system much slower than normal.I can hope for improvement for his memory with time. Since he is diabetic I had been plying him with all sorts of aspartame sweetened treats-Jello,pudding,ice cream and ice pops,Jelly, etc. thinking I was improving the quality of his life. Now, as to Uncle Warren,who was diagnosed as a diabetic about a year ago: I passed on all my sugar-free supermarket "finds" to my aunt who bought them for him-she told me how he gorged himself on aspartame filled cookies and ice cream especially. Well, he had been experiencing outbursts of rage, loss of balance, weird feelings in his head, high blood sugar levels, etc.,and since she took him off 1 1/2 weeks ago, he is just fine now! My husband and I have been spreading the word to everyone! Thank God for this website and others like it. I saw my doctor Tuesday and he was utterly delighted with my BP, Glucose level and physical condition and approved me going off my meds. He has asked me for info printouts. There are probably other patients of his (especially diabetics and dementia or Alzheimers patients) who may benefit from this. I will be back next week with another report (maybe on time this time).Good luck to all of you-you have nothing to lose by trying the test and your whole life to gain!

# 98

It is now 9:53pm EST and it has been almost a whole week without aspartame and the results so far are astounding! I had been taking 20mg Zestril daily since December of last year because my blood pressure was so high my doctor feared I would have a stroke, 30mg Actos and 20mg (sometimes more)Glucophage daily for my blood sugar which had been successfully controlled with diet for two years, and 20mg vioxx for pain. I have not had a pain pill for 4 days now,and have not had blood pressure or diabetic meds for 5. Today my BP is 120/80, and my blood sugar is not only under control, but as a test I have been eating foods that even BEFORE it went totally out of control I wouldn't have been able to eat! I have used generous amounts of REAL sugar in drinks, ice cream, pastries (not small amounts, but a PLATEFUL at one sitting) crackers, cereals,etc. I don't intend to continue to eat this way, but I have a scheduled appointment with my GP on Tuesday and I really want to show him what has happened in just one week! My vision has started to clear up the past two days also. Two weeks ago it took me all my effort to walk around my block 3 1/2 times at a crawl. Today I went to a local park with my dog and walked the trails, hills and all, for almost TWO HOURS. On Wednesday I attended an exercise class in water at a local pool that had been approved by my doctor since I was too weak for regular exercise. I had previously had to ask them if I could use the ground-level entrance for the handicapped since the regular entrance involved going into the basement level where the lockers are located and back up to the pool, then reversed to get out. This time I used the regular, and after the class I had just finished taking the flight of stairs up and as I stepped out of the stairwell the person who had been in the office when I had asked for permission saw me- she was amazed that I was the SAME PERSON she had seen just a week before (and I mean jaw-dropping amazed). My father is coming back to live with me Saturday, almost two months after the county social workers came in and declared that I was unfit to take care of him because of my health and that it would be dangerous to allow him to remain here. If I had not found a link to your website while looking into MS I probably would have spent the rest of a short,miserable life sinking deeper into my nightmare,unable to get out until I finally just died. Thank you all for giving me back my life AND my father! I will continue to post progress reports to your site.

# 99

I have had a year of my life STOLEN from me!I have deteriorated to the point that I spend most of my days flat on my back with crushing fatigue-it's even an effort to breath(NOT by any lung congestion,but the EFFORT to work mylungs),unable most days to care for myself-unable to think right,remember things,care for my invalid father,staggering and bumping into things in my house, tests and hospitalizations finding nothing! I was looking into MS(one of the suggestions of my doctor for the array of alarming symptoms that were sapping the life out of me at an increasing rate), when last nite I found Karan's Korner and thru it your articles. I am a diabetic,once controlled by diet alone,who has now been put on medication since my bloodsugar was now regularly high 300's to low 400's without it, and relying more heavily on Aspartame than ever. The last time I had used Equal was that morning in my coffee-I had started the day ok-it was a Saturday and I had to drive first thing to the post office to get bills in the mail and didn't want to miss the mail so I skipped eating-I got sidetracked at a yard sale and didn't get home to eat for over an hour-things were looking hopeful for that day-maybe I would be strong enough to even go grocery shopping! But then a short time after that breakfast with my coffee that crushing fatigue was back, and I crawled back to bed,defeated. By chance,I had used no other products with Nutrasweet that day-I had been drinking water and eating fruit and cottage cheese.I got to the site around 8:30pm on Saturday and decided to take the NO ASPARTAME TEST. It is now 9:30am Sunday morning and I have been flushing myself with water and at this time feel just fine! I slept well with no "restless legs", my mind is clear,I have energy, am breathing without effort, and for the first time in a year have HOPE!I will let you know my progress as I continue this test.

# 100

Last November I purchased a large warehouse pack of Crystal Light and began drinking it.
By the end of the year I was calling my doctor about chest pains. By January, the pains were more frequent and I called the doctor and was told to go to the ER. After losing work and spending money on tests, the doctor said I probably
had heartburn or something gastrointestinal. I said I had heartburn
when I was pregnant and this definitely was not heartburn. I was also passing
enormous amounts of gas (that luckily I could pass off as my young child's). That
weekend after being at the hospital, I saw the empty tubs of Crystal Light
on my countertop and figured out that maybe that's what had changed.
I stopped using the drink and after about one month, the chest pains
finally totally went away. I still have somewhat of a gas problem and wonder
what damage I did to my body.

Maybe there appear to be a lot of people for whom this product may be OK,
but it will definitely not be for me or my family. Hopefully you will do more
research and come to a conclusion that this product may not be safe for
your family either. Since my problem I have found that aspartame is used
in some baby formulas, in medicines I gave my child for ear infections, and
in Pedialyte I had given my child. This makes me very mad that I had given
this product to my children and sad for all the other people who are
unknowingly giving their children something potentially harmful to them.

 # 101

My health has improved since Ihave stopped taking aspartme. I have Ischemic heart disease along with muscular pain and joint pains

# 102

I was drinking diet Coca-Cola with NutraSweet (Aspartame) in it and liked the taste. I realized about 5 years later that I was having mood swings -- getting very angry at our sons for no reason at all and yelling at them and sending them to their rooms for looking at me wrong. I was suffering from heart palpitations, memory loss, almost no energy to do anything, slept for 12 hours at night, got up for three, then went back to sleep for two or three hours again. I was no good to anyone for anything. And I couldn't figure it out. I wasn't the same person I used to be. One day after yelling at our youngest son for no reason (again), I could take it no longer and wondered what was happening to me. I had no control over my moods, no control over my sleeping habits and no control over how I was hurting my family. I was thinking about it and it came to me: NutraSweet. Get off the NutraSweet. It was as if God whispered it from heaven. I listened to God and within three weeks, there was a drastic difference. My heart palpitations were gone, my memory was returning (although it still isn't what it used to be) and my sleep habits were getting better. After six weeks, I was back to my old self with a few minor lingering problems. I believe I was left with a little bit of memory loss, at age 39 I was diagnosed with bursitis in both shoulders and I can't remember the years my youngest son was age 1? to about 4 years old. I hate that the most. I have almost no recollection of those years at all. Not even the important stuff. I have pictures, but no memories. It wasn't just my kids. My husband suffered through it, too. He had no idea what happened to the sweet, fun, relaxed, happy-go-lucky wife he married. But he stuck it out. If you love your kids as I love mine (I have homeschooled them and spent almost 24/7 with them since they were born and they are now 16 and 14) please stay off of this stuff. NutraSweet (Aspartame) is bad. It isn't good for anyone. Especially not those you love and will have to live with you.

End of last URL

Other accounts that have been emailed to me.

# 103
As a skinny 25 year old, I had mononucleosis and gained 5 pounds.  I began drinking diet soda.  I found myself constantly ravenously hungry and craving sweets.  I gained and gained weight, but it did not occur to me that the problem was the diet soda.  I started consuming more and more "diet" foods and just kept gaining weight.  After 25 years of diet soda, I had developed dozens of symptoms.  The scariest was that I had muscle tremors/spasms that were rapidly worsening.   Then I crashed - I could barely wake up and my muscles were extremely weak. 
I had asked doctors for help over and over.  They all told me I was a depressed hypochondriac who just needed to lose weight.  Finding myself mostly unable to make it to work, I started reading every book and website I could find with any theory no matter how absurd it sounded.  I came across a site about aspartame poisoning.  Once I got past the government conspiracy part, I realized that aspartame poisoning perfectly explained what was wrong with me.
I stopped consuming aspartame (and msg) one year and four months ago.  My muscle tremors/spasms were the first symptoms to clear up.  All of my other symptoms (except repiratory) have either gone away or much abated.  My head feels more and more clear, and my body feels more and more energtic.   My appetite is normal, and I am no longer fighting weight gain.  I have even lost a few pounds.  Inspired, I have done quite a bit of health research and continue to make changes that improve my health.

# 104

I have studied ASPARTAME POISONING for nearly 25 years because I knew that the METHYL ALCOHOL in it was dangerous.Years ago the government banned alcohol.So,the drinkers stated drinking METHYL ALCOHOL,commonly called wood alcohol.Many went blind,and many died.METHYL ALCOHOL is the most dangerous of all alcohols.At 86 degrees it breaks down to formaldehyde (embalming fluid) then to formic acid (sting of the fire ant)If you mix ASPARTAME with a little kool-ade you can kill ants like crazy.How much ant poison would you like to drink?Here is a story that happened to me.I was a bodybuilder.I switched from hot cereal to Total to get the extra vitamins.I used Equal on the Total not knowing that it contained ASPARTAME.Within 2 weeks I was in a deep depression.In the deperession I quit eating.The depression went away.Back to the Equal the depression came back immediately.After a few rounds I realised it was the Equal that was making me sick.My doctors were ready to call my parents to make funeral arrangements.I had an unopened box of the poison.I took it back to the store.The cashier asked," What's wrong with it?" The ass't manager came running from her office and exclaimed,"Give the man his money back,it's poison!"I asked her why they still still sold it. Her answer buckled both of my knees,"AS LONG AS PEOPLE BUY IT,WE'LL SELL IT." That was 25 years ago,And her answer rings true yet today

# 105

I was a chronic user of diet sodas, gum, candy, and many other diet foods.  I would drink about 2 or 3 diet cokes a day for about 25 years.  I started this terrible habit when I was in college and started getting sick from it right away.  I went to doctors with various symptoms but with no help.  After college I still continued to use this posion and into my 30's I was developing lots of different symptoms.  My first child was born when I was 33.  I could barely get off the couch at this point and barely could make it through a day without being totally zapped of all my energy, cloudy thinking along with terrible migraine head aches.  I lived like this into my fourties.  I am now 46 and have been aspertame free for about 3 years I think.  Before, I gave up diet stuff I had most symptoms that are listed on most web sites.  I am now left with nodules on my thyroid that might turn into cancer one day and have gained about 30Lbs.  I use to be thin but now have a terrible weight problem!!!!


 friend sent me the news about aspartame only 2 weeks ago...what a
revelation! I have been a regular imbiber of Diet Drinks, including
DIET COKE and the dreaded PEPSI MAX, from which I am now suffering
acute and painful withdrawal! I have eaten sugarless sweets, cooked
with EQUAL and eaten many other products containing EQUAL or
NUTRASWEET. I have also chewed EXTRA sugarless chewing gum!      
The tragedy of this is that I have added these products to the diets
of my 3 children - what a monstrous outrage this all is!

I now sweeten with Stevia r natural sugar (I can't use too much
sugar as I am now also DIABETIC!)

To be as brief as possible I have MULTIPLE symptoms including...

form "claws"); PETIT MAL SEIZURES (jaw shakes & I bite tongue) and
I'm NOT an epileptic!; "TRICKLING" sensation inside head, sharp
hands; unexplained JOINT PAINS in left arm and hips (I DON'T have
athritis); temporary inability to breathe and WHEEZING (and I'm NOT
asthmatic)a bout of extreme SWELLING HANDS & FEET and all SKIN
PEELING off both those areas; a DERMATOFIBROSARCOMA removed from
right posterior shoulder and now I have lumps in left arm and
shoulder and chest which they're about to investigate to see if they
are also cancerous!; previously unexperienced PHARMACEUTICAL DRUG
SORES; HAIR LOSS (I've lost 2/3 of my hair, which used to be waist
length and thick & glossy!); unexplained ABDOMINAL PAIN; BURNING
(the hospital confirmed I had one without knowing); previously
unexperienced and severe ANXIETY; PANIC ATTACKS; previously
unexperienced DEPRESSION; MOOD SWINGS (no hormone problems);extreme
intellectual and great thinker!);CHEST PAINS; INABILITY TO
extremely retentive memory previously)SLURRING OF SPEECH; CAN'T
drinks in a YEAR!, don't smoke or take drugs)

I am so grateful to you people for spreading the word, and for each
individual's bravery to come forward, but mostly for the friend who
sent me the information to find David Rietz (albeit after his
death...and many thanks to his wonderful family for keeping his site
and his memory alive) Dr Betty Martini and her associates ........
Dr Blaylock, Roberts etc. Were it not for Brett, I would probably
experience the ultimate symptom - DEATH!

# 107

When I moved abroad, I obviously changed my eating habits. After 5 years, my skin started itching so madly that sometimes I was bleeding out of too much scratching. I then started a long process of food / soap control, retirering and reintroducing what I thought were the most susceptible to be the problem (peanut butter, tomatoes, washing powder, etc). I suspected very quickly the diet cola but refused for a long while to admit it (I love my pop soooo much!!)  :-)
But lately, I stopped cold turkey and the itching is almost gone now. Of course, there are sugar substitute in so many food now that I dont think its possible to completely stop the intake...And I sure am now resigned to itch for the rest of my long as it doesnt make me turn crazy like before!

I now think sugar substitute is really bad and should not be allowed in the food and drinks.


If you got this far here are some links you should be aware of.    You will have to cut and past them into your browser..

/// increased chance of premeature birth

//// increased chance of stroke

/////and here





Wissman Study  

Very good article and a  list of many web sites with summaries of what they contain  
Report on the fact that positive reviews are industry sponsored and negative are private research.

one of the starting issues The origin Nancy Markle



Paper on methanol    says in sports methanol consumed may reach 32 times EPA limits

Danish paper,   diet drinks increase chance of early delivery for pregent women

Aspartame causes Long term liver damage


to measure aspartame in wine etc.

Wissman Study  



Rumsfield and aspartame

Letter, John Olney to  Metzenbaum



Aspartame is made using GM bacteria



Short article on aspartame and neotame





Very large site on aspartame with many case histories and papers etc.

European movement against aspartame

Health site reporting on aspartame 











Movies & TV

Aspartame: Sweet Misery A Poisoned World

“60 minutes”  presentiation



Science 6 July 2007:
Vol. 317. no. 5834, p. 29
DOI: 10.1126/science.317.5834.29c

Fearful it causes cancer, 12 U.S. environmental health experts and activists last week asked the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to review the potential health risks of the artificial sweetener aspartame, which appears in everything from medicines to diet sodas. A study published last month in Environmental Health Perspectives found somewhat more leukemias and lymphomas in male rats receiving less aspartame than the recommended maximum for humans; at higher doses, the rats had a marked increase in cancers throughout the body. Pregnant rats were fed the sweetener, and animals received it once they'd been weaned.
The work, by scientists at the European Ramazzini Foundation of Oncology and Environmental Sciences in Bologna, Italy, is "more sensitive and more realistic" than earlier aspartame studies, says James Huff of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, who signed onto the FDA letter drafted by the Washington, D.C.-based watchdog group Center for Science in the Public Interest. But because the study conflicts with earlier work, FDA spokesperson Michael Herndon says that the agency finds the study unpersuasive and that "aspartame is safe." FDA's European counterpart has not responded publicly to the study.